Featured Project

Mobile Food Fusion

University of Washington , December 2011

What could the evolution of mobile dining look like? This project uses the architectural design of a restaurant to explore this question.




This website is a place where I can share some of my work and things that I'm currently interested in. Hopefully you'll get a sense of who I am and the kind of contributuion that I bring to design and construction projects. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or would like to discuss my work.

~ Steve

Recent Interests

Thur 21st February 2013

I have had a ton of fun building some interactive electronic projects. I hope to bring some of these to architectural projects in the future. Check out these R&D videos

  • Gangnam Style LEDs
  • Tube Stepper
  • Fri 19th October 2012

    Fast, dirty, fun. Raced my first MFG cyclocross this season. Join me for the next?

    Tues 28th June 2011
    Seattle Sailing Club

    Come sail with me! This is a great place to learn. Or if anyone needs a hand on their boat, I love getting out on the water, so let me know.